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April 14, 2017


It’s a word I’ve revisited this week.

Today, Good Friday, at the foot of the “wondrous cross”  I viewed glory with new eyes.

Glory is about splendour, victory, success, being in the hall of fame. Admired by your peers.

And when it comes to Jesus, glory is about resurrection, the ‘glories’ of heaven, endless worship.

But as Paula Gooder led us through John chapter 17 at Spring Harvest this week, I realised that there are 2 sides to this coin called glory.

In prayer Jesus said:

“And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.” John 17:5.

Good Friday today. A dark day, a necessary day, a wonderful day. 

But surely glory is the bright resurrection sunlight of Easter Sunday.

Glory is the vision of Jesus by John the Revelator.

But I learnt this week that glory has 2 strands. Splendour yes.

But also glory is that moment when you see someone as they really are.

So where is Jesus glorified? He is glorified in the blood sweat and tears of the cross.

We see him as he really is and see what God is truly like.

We see a king who so loved the world that he did this.

Such love.


We see a perfect God who forgives those who kill him, and those of us down the centuries who ignore or reject him.

We hear the cry of a Son who experiences an inexplicable sense of fracture in his relationship with Father and Holy Spirit. 

We see a God man on a mission who cries “Mission accomplished”.

To be fair we cannot begin to describe all that we see and hear.

But we catch a glimpse of glory.

And one day when we see him “in glory”.

And it will be glory, for we will see a lion who is a lamb. A risen radiant Christ who at the same time bears the marks of the nails that bought our freedom.



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