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The Beatles – From me to you: I should have known better!

January 10, 2017

And so it was from the beginning…





A big afternoon for me.

I am in St Joseph’s, surrounded by nuns, sisters of Annecy to be specific.

In the delivery room I imagine, because it’s difficult to remember, the nuns carry out their midwifery skills to the sound of music.

There’s nothing a nun likes like a good sing, as we know from the films.

As midwife 1 tosses me to midwife 2, she yells “from me to you”. My Mother Mary looks on as I get an introductory slap, beneath a painting of the Lady Madonna.

It’s a romantic way of putting it. In other words, the day I was born, the Beatles, the Fab Four, were number 1 in the hit parade, their second chart topper “From me to you”.

One of my earliest musical memories is of singing a song, maybe at 2 or 3.

“She loves you yeah yeah yeah” repeatedly. Those were the only words I knew.

I remember too singing “ we all live in a yellow sumber reen”. I guess I would have picked these things up from my brother. I certainly didn’t learn them in church!

History of course is that the Beatles broke up when I was just 7. By the time I was getting seriously into music it was the mid-70’s and the band were history.

Our English teacher at the grammar school would talk about the Beatles, chiefly in relation to evaluating the poetry of Lennon & McCartney.

I remember in my student days I had two double LPs, the red and blue albums. I didn’t keep them. The band that had been there for me from the beginning, was discarded just like that, with no sign of gratitude.

I discovered other bands and would avidly collect everything they released, some still to this day.

Other bands and artists would just be regarded as greatest hits types.

And so in the CD era I bought “1”. The 27 number ones all on one disc. In the back of my mind it occurred to me that there were other songs, some which only managed to reach number 2, others that were never even released as singles.

I don’t know when I started , but probably in my late 40’s, I began to descend the slippery slope that I had with other greatest hits bands by starting to buy their other albums.

I bought a Paul McCartney CD/DVD set “Good evening New York City” and watched through the first half with interest as Beatles songs intermingled with familiar solo songs and other songs that were unknown to me.

Into the second half and the lights were coming on for me. I watched and listened almost open mouthed as the band played:

Back in the USSR

I’m down


I’ve got a feeling

Paperback writer

A day in the life

Let it be

(Live and let die)

Hey Jude

Day tripper

Lady Madonna

I saw her standing there


Helter skelter

Get back

Sgt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band

The End

And it dawned on me, not just that I was watching an extraordinary musician and song writer, but what an amazing body of work he had just run through, leaving plenty of other songs untouched.

Who else could have done that?

Hit after hit after hit. Not to mention that I was now familiar with some of the album tracks which were featured in his set. At 48 I had to admit that the Beatles were now one of my favourite bands. I had all their albums. It had taken almost half a century but I had got it.

Recently I went to the theatre to see the musical “Let it be”. I enjoyed the musicianship, the stage sets, the costumes, the psychedelic effects, the nostalgia.

But more than anything it was about the songs.

At 53 the Beatles are definitely 1 of my top 3 bands, maybe even top 2!

I’m reading the books, listening to the albums, exploring solo work, and watching the DVDs. It’s becoming an obsession. But a beautiful one.

Over the years I had heard people talking about albums like “Rubber soul”, “Revolver”, and “Abbey Road” and now I’m appreciating these as classics.

I listen to those early albums too and feel the raw energy. Whilst I would prefer much of the later stuff, some of those early songs are just so catchy!

Another new film out on DVD. The exploration and the enjoyment continues.

It’s not THE END yet….


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