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Romans blog 28: Just and justifier

February 16, 2016

  Romans 3:25

So we are at one with God. Because of the one he sent. Jesus. The sacrifice.

Paul goes on to say some further things about God. He is:

1. Righteous

2. Patient – Forbearing

3. Merciful – Not punishing

4. Just

5. The justifier.

Not bad for half a verse.

God is righteous, patient, merciful, just and the justifier.

Righteous and just we would hope for of God. But to be fair that might also fill us with dread, if we know we don’t measure up. 

But patient, merciful and the one who justifies. Thank you God!

On a shallow level we might question how a God who is righteous and just can demonstrate that by punishing his son Jesus instead.

On the other hand we might consider the alternative, of a God who has lost patience with you and me, who is without mercy and lets us take a the full consequences of our choices.

But then we can think of the previous post as we ended.  God in Christ offers himself to be our rescuer.

Just and merciful!


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