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In the beginning God

January 1, 2016

  1 January 2016

“A world in white gets underway” New Year’s Day by U2 (from the album ‘War’)

New Year’s Day. A blank slate, an unwritten page, an unspoilt canvas.

Who knows what is ahead?

A year of change? Of challenge? Of opportunity?

While for many of us there may be things we’d like to change, things we’d love to leave behind, there will be some constants that we will want to hold onto.

For me some of those constants are my family and being able to lose myself in a great rock album.

But foundational is my faith.

So today is no different. I take the opportunity to read a short passage from the Bible. An ancient collection of books, that I believe still speak to me today, and to those ready to seek the truth from its pages.

And coincidently the new year of bible reading takes me to the very beginning. To Genesis chapter 1 verse 1.

“In the beginning, God created….”

“In the beginning GOD”.

Now I realise these days to believe this sort of thing is considered to be somewhat outdated at best. At worst Richard Dawkins and his disciples would consider that to believe in God is a type of insanity. I read one of his tweets prior to Christmas questioning whether people who believe the stuff the Bible teaches, as I do, should still be allowed to hold down a responsible job.

So today I read a passage of scripture which tells me that God created this world. And I believe it. And it is faith in that creator God that gives me confidence as I step out tentatively into another year of unknown possibilities.

And it strikes me as a massive step of faith to believe that this world is a complete accident of nature, with no architect behind it all.

This is a messed up world. I’m not going to argue that with anyone.

Many believe that religion is to blame for the woes of the world. And one can understand why.

But ultimately I believe the only hope for this world is in God, as communicated to us through Jesus.

So in 2016 I will continue to trust him. I will no doubt make many mistakes because I always do. I will certainly have times when my faith wobbles because I always do.  I will certainly have questions like all of you.

But at the beginning of this year I’ll start as I mean to go on.

Happy new year!


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