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Romans blog post 27: At one

October 1, 2015

  Romans 3:25

So justification before God is a gift that comes through the redemption that comes through Jesus.

Paul tells us some more about how God brings this about.

God presents Jesus. We read in other places how God the father sends his son into the world – most notably John 3:16.

We have already seen that salvation is a gift that cannot be earned.

And Jesus too is a gift from God.

But how does God present Jesus? As a mighty warrior?

As a sacrifice.

All of us are born and all of us will die.

But Jesus was born to die. It is ultimately why he came. His teaching and his healing ministry are vital. His miraculous signs are vital.

But he came to die. To give up his life for those who cannot measure up to God’s law.

Which of course as we know, is all of us.

From the outset Jesus was announced as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”. This was the language of sacrifice, recognising that the sacrifices of the old testament pointed to and culminated in the ultimate and final sacrifice of Jesus.

What does the sacrifice of Jesus achieve?



To be AT ONE with God the Father. No longer separated from fellowship with God. The barrier of our sin and failures removed. The way is clear.

God and the children of God. Together at last.

We are reminded that this is achieved through the shedding of blood, The language again of sacrifice.

It’s a gift. It is all done for us. There is nothing we can do to add to Jesus’ work of salvation.

But like all gifts, there is one thing you need to do. Receive it.

If the Christmas gifts are still beautifully wrapped and stood around the tree in March, something has gone wrong. We need to take hold of what has been bought for us, at such a great price in this case.

And we receive by faith. Trust in Jesus. In his person and in his death for us.

The trinity is a mystery. We tend to neatly compartmentalise Father Son and Holy Spirit.

But effectively God says, “What you can’t do for yourself, what you can’t earn, what you can’t buy, what you can’t reach. I will do it for you. I will earn it. I will pay the price. I will reach down  to where you are. That is the only way we can be at one. And that is what I want so much for us!”

You can know that one-ness.


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