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Romans blog post 26: Free

September 30, 2015

Romans 3:22-24

So there is hope. Righteousness can come to us. Through faith in Jesus.

But are there any limits?

Who can receive?

ALL who believe in Jesus. No restrictions.

Is it just the Jews?

Is it now just for the Gentiles?

Paul says no.

When it comes to righteousness there is no difference.

What counts is the object of your faith.

The person you believe in.


There’s no difference.

We’re all sinners. We know we are.

None of us comes up to God’s exacting standards.

And there it is.

The gospel of Jesus.

The good news.

We’re all sinners.

You’ve seen the placards.

How to take a verse out of context and then just use half a sentence. Half a truth.

Paul spells out our need but then he shares the answer.

All those sinners. The Jews and the Gentiles.

They ARE righteous! They are justified. FREELY!

We can’t make it.

But then grace steps in.

Amazing grace does what we can’t do. Jesus does what we can’t do.

Why is it free? How can it cost us nothing?

Because someone has paid the price.  Christ Jesus has bought us back.

He has done it.

Now grace , faith, belief in him. And He makes us right.

So what do you want to do?

Keep trying?

Or receive the gift?sinned


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