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Romans blog post 25: But now…

September 30, 2015

  Romans 3:19-22

The law speaks to people under the law.

Does it show us how well we measure up, us holy people.?

Well no. God’s law tells us that none of us are righteous.

Those who have God’s law are without defence. There is nothing they can say. They are accountable to God.

Does the law show is how good we are? No. How bad we are.

It is because of the law we are conscious of our own imperfection.

Without hope.

But now…

But now…

All change.

Now we no longer depend on God’s law to see his righteousness.

The law and the prophets have all pointed towards something else.

Or rather someONE else.

We cannot attain righteousness.

We try and we fail.

But now Paul tells us that righteousness is GIVEN.

You can’t work it up, but you can receive it.

So it’s not about what I can do.

How can I get righteous?

How can I receive righteousness?

It’s a matter of faith.

In Jesus.


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