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Romans blog post 24: Nobody

September 17, 2015

Romans 3:9-18

So is there an advantage in being a Jew? Paul has said yes, in that God had chosen the Jews to be his people and given unique privileges and responsibilities.

But now he makes it clear.

There is no ultimate advantage in being a Jew.

Or a non Jew.

Jews and Gentiles are both at a disadvantage.

It’s not enough to be a Jew in name only. But Paul has said a lot about others who do good even without religion. Perhaps it is all about being good?

Paul states his case. Neither is at an advantage. Why? Because we’re all human. We are all under the power of sin. None of us can say otherwise.

None of us is what God wants us to be – religious or not.

Paul quotes from the Psalms and Ecclesiastes.

No one is righteous. No one is good. No one is good enough.

No one understands.

No one seeks God?


No one? Lots of people seek God. But without that there is no hope.

Those who turn away, they are worthless, even the good they do is not good.

That’s pretty tough. A lot of people do good stuff. And probably put some of us Christian people to shame with their care for mankind and God’s creation. I believe when they do they show something of being made in God’s image.

But somehow without God does that mean nothing?

We cannot earn our way into God’s good books by good works.

The religious people don’t get it.

The good people don’t get it.

Nobody gets it.

It’s grim.

It’s a level playing field.

But it’s a game we all stand to lose.

Deceit, cursing, bitterness, violence, warring. That’s the picture of mankind.

Ultimately whether they live like that. Or live good lives, there is no fear of God.

So is there hope at all? We’ll have to see.


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