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Romans blog post 23: Advantage

September 16, 2015

Romans 3:1-8

“So” you say, “Paul is saying there is no advantage in being a Jew”.

It’s pretty clear?


Being Jewish, being circumcised does count for something.

The Jews were God’s chosen people. He used them to speak his truth to the world.

But what if they didn’t live up to their calling?

The Old Testament is a running record of their failings. They kept getting it wrong.

They continually left God out of the picture.

And they paid for it.

Did God cease to be faithful to them?


Even in defeat and exile there was always a way for those who would still seek him.

Let’s get it right.

God is true.

Mankind lies. None of us different to the Jews in that respect.

Our unrighteousness just shows the gulf between us and a God of righteousness. He has every right to judge us.

A twisted argument suggests that to carry on doing wrong, could be a good thing, if it shows up God’s goodness.

More nonsense.

Those who do wrong get what they deserve. There is no excuse.

So it seems there is advantage in being a Jew but not in name only, according to Paul.


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