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Romans blog post 22: Heart

September 16, 2015

Romans 2:28-29

Paul continues to force home his point.

“A person is not a Jew who is one outwardly”.

In other words to be a Jew was not just a cultural thing.

It was not just an accident of birth.

Just as a man who had been circumcised, could live as though it meant nothing,  so someone who called himself a Jew could live a life that was totally contrary.

It’s not enough to be physical.

Let’s get spiritual. Spiritual.

The circumcision that really counts is not physical, it isn’t about the letter of the law.

It is a heart thing.

Perhaps you can impress people around with your religiosity. The outward show.

But actually the only person you need to impress is God. 

So there is no head start at being a Jew, at being religious, but does it mean nothing at all?

Hang in there!


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