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Romans blog post 21: law keeping

September 14, 2015

Romans 2:25-27

The discussion on how faith needs to show itself continues.

Circumcision was an “outward sign”, for a man anyway, of allegiance to the Jewish faith.

As outward signs go it was pretty private!

But Paul’s point is well made.

Who is God going to be happy with?

* 1. The one who is circumcised but breaks God’s law?

* 2. The one who isn’t circumcised but keeps it?

* delete as appropriate

Who is the truly religious one? The one who lives it out or the one who doesn’t?

Jesus put it just as clearly when he asked his own question?

Who acted as a neighbour to the man beaten and lying on the road? 

The religious men who left him to die or the irreligious Samaritan who rescued and cared for him?

You don’t get a hard start for being “religious”.

This Christianity stuff can be very complicated sometimes.

Often though it’s pretty obvious.

Frighteningly so.


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