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Romans blog post 18: Immortality

August 3, 2015

  Romans 2:7-11

Paul continues to describe 2 kinds of people.

1. People who persist in doing good

2. People who are self seeking

Number 1 will be given eternal life.

Number 2 will face wrath and anger.

The evidence of a Jesus follower should be there for all to see.

It is not just seen by occasional acts of kindness but by persistence. There is effort in doing good. Now doing good has results not just for the doer. It seeks and brings  glory and honour and immortality.

It is not about honour and glory for oneself. Those things are for God and him alone in Jesus. Immortality – these are the things that will last. A lasting effect upon the beneficiaries.

The opposite is to look after number 1 (or number 2 in this context). That is marked by evil and lies. A choice to reject what is true.

What are you and I living for? The stuff that pleases me? Or the work that pleases God?

Jew and gentile alike will be punished for living the wrong way.

Jew and gentile alike will receive God’s blessings of glory honour and peace for going the right way.

God does not have favourites. 


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