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Romans blog post 17: Pay back

July 29, 2015

  Romans 2:5-6

Really this letter doesn’t get any easier.

It is not a light read.

I am still confused a little as to who Paul is addressing. The church, a section of it, unbelievers who are regular attenders? I would be interested in what you think.

Because again his description of them is far from the faith filled holy people he talks about in chapter 1.

Here he addresses people who are stubborn and unrepentant. It surely is difficult to conclude he is talking to the same church group.

Are there some frauds in their midst?

We have been reminded in the last few verses that God’s just judgement is coming. Part of that will be God’s wrath against sinful men.

Paul says “you’re storing up wrath, you’re asking for it”.

And frankly why would you want to do that when Jesus has taken that wrath upon himself at Calvary on the cross? What is available for the repentant heart is mercy, forgiveness and grace.

Like Matthew 25, the sheep and the goats, Paul challenges people by what they do.

Good works do not save anyone, but salvation through Jesus shows itself in good actions.  What you do is evidence of the state of your heart.

That’s something to ponder and pray over.


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