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Romans blog post 16: True

July 28, 2015

“Well good morning Judge, how are you today? I’m in trouble, please put me away” 10cc – Good morning judge (from the album ‘Deceptive Bends’)

Romans 2:2-4

A reminder. God is the judge.

So it’s not you and me.

That’s good!

Or maybe you find that disappointing?

You enjoy wearing the judge’s robe and wig?

It’s not your job.

God is the judge. And he judges on the basis of truth. His judgments are totally just.

Actually that is good to know. It’s not up to me to judge. And I don’t need to worry about a miscarriage of justice. God will do right.

Trouble is if I do the same things as those around me, whom I am happy to see God judge, I need to be ready to be judged as well. 

Don’t much like the sound of that.

So is it no better for the Christian?

Well yes it’s a lot better actually.

God is kind. Don’t show your contempt.

God is patient with us. He is no hurry to judge us and mete out punishment.

His kindness has a goal.


Recognise that I am no better than anyone else. Recognise that I keep getting it wrong. Take the opportunity God gives to repent. Turn around. And live right.


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