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Hidden Truth 9: Wonderous Stories by Yes

July 15, 2015

Another entry in my list of songs which for me contain Christian truth, whatever the song writer had in mind. In this case though I’m not sure I am taking too much of a liberty.

I’m listening to a lot of Yes at the moment, since the death of bassist Chris Squire. There are some very long pieces of work in the Yes canon. This song from “Going for the one” is proof that Jon Anderson and co could come up with a beautiful short song when they wanted to.

Anderson’s high end vocal is unique and heavenly in itself. The musical execution and sound is otherworldly.

Anderson sings about a story teller. But this isn’t Jackanory. No ordinary teller of tales.

This speaker is described as “my forgiver” – a title that would certainly fit Jesus.

The effect of these Wonderous stories ( yes my mother pointed out to me in my teens that isn’t how you spell wondrous!) is that the singer just has to be there to hear him. If he’s late he drops everything.

In the stories there is a sense of seeing into the future.

Finally the singer confesses “as he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky”. This wasn’t just entertaining. It was exhilarating, spiritually uplifting, transporting to another place.

Jesus was followed by huge crowds wherever he went. His miracles were amazing. The way he spoke to his opponents was gripping. But people would sit for hours and listen to his Wonderous stories.

The son who wandered away, wasted his father’s wealth and came back to his father’s embrace.

The man who fell among thieves and was rescued by a Samaritan, an enemy of his people, to demonstrate “who really is my neighbour?”

A servant who was forgiven a huge debt by his master but then refused to forgive his fellow servant a tiny debt.

The parable of the silly man who built his house on sand.

The story of the sheep and goats who showed their faith or lack of it by their actions.

These were not just stories. These were stories that for those who listened with both their ears and hearts, contained life giving truth.

They still do.

What are you waiting for. If it’s late you have to leave…

I awoke this morning

Love laid me down by the river

Drifting I turned on up stream

Bound for my forgiver

In the giving of my eyes to see your face

Sound did silence me

Leaving no trace

I beg to leave, to hear your wonderous stories

Beg to hear your wonderous stories ‘LA AHA’
He spoke of lands not far

Nor lands they were in his mind

Of fusion captured high

Where reason captured his time

In no time at all he took me to the gate

In haste I quickly

Checked the time

If I was late

I had to leave, to hear your wonderous stories

Had to hear your wonderous stories ‘LA AHA, LA AHA’

Hearing hearing your wonderous stories

Hearing your wonderous stories

It is no lie I see deeply into the future

Imagine everything

You’re close

And were you there

To stand so cautiously at first

And then so high

As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky

I bid it to return

To hear your wonderous stories

Return to hear your wonderous stories

Return to hear your wonderous stories






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