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Hidden Truth 8: The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be by Yes

July 13, 2015

I was sad to hear of the recent death of Chris Squire of Yes. In recent times I have been rediscovering the old familiar sounds and discovering less familiar sounds of Yes. Amongst the controversy of numerous line up changes, Squire’s bass has been a constant through the years.

His unique playing style. It truly is the end of an era.

As is often the case when these things happen, I am listening to a lot of Yes again now. The first song I listened to was not one of the great classics, but this song from 2011’s “Fly from here”, one of my musical highlights from that year.

Why that song? Because it’s a lovely melodic short song and because Chris Squire also takes lead vocal. Plus it speaks to me.

My Hidden Truth blogs are occasional musings from the world of rock where, as a general rule I put interpretations on song lyrics that were never intended.

It’s the listener’s prerogative. I often find something of my Christian Faith.

My thoughts about this song were underlined only this weekend, when with a group from church we were reminded that we need to be the men God intends us to be. It is often not about the things we do, but it is about the people we are. That inevitably will show itself in action.

To begin with I hear a cry of someone running away from God.

But then there is a sudden change, echoing the words of the old hymn Amazing Grace. “I was lost. Now I’ve found myself in you”.

It’s a glorious exchange when we receive that gift of faith from God, and we put that faith firmly in him. We are no longer lost but now have a purpose. When the Good Shepherd Jesus finds us then we find the life that he has for us. That he bought for us. That was always intended. Made in God’s on image.

When from within us we summon the strength to live, that is a strength that comes from God in the first place. It is his Holy Spirit who lives within us, to enable us to be like Jesus.

So how can we be the man or woman God always wanted us to be? Through faith in Jesus. We can know life in all its fullness. To the original plan.

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