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Romans post 13: Labelled with love

June 13, 2015

  Romans 1:21-23

Like we said last time out, things have got a lot darker in the first chapter of this letter.

Mankind has no excuse for not knowing God.

The invisible God is made visible through Jesus, according to Paul when he wrote to the Colossians church.

But in a real sense Paul is saying here that even before Jesus embodied God on this earth, God’s invisible qualities were not actually invisible!

His power and divinity are there for all to see in creation itself. Men and women need to sit up and take notice.

Paul goes as far as to say that “they knew God” and effectively chose not to worship him. They didn’t just forget him or overlook him. They said no to him.

They didn’t glorify him for his creation. They didn’t thank him for the good things in their lives. They shut their minds off to him. They looked for other explanations for life. Men and women are foolish in their thinking.

To be wise it seems is rather to give God his rightful place as creator and God.

They claimed to be wise. They claimed to know better. Of course we are told today that no educated person can believe in God. It’s superstition. We need to get real. God laughs at such foolishness. The makers name is on us and we’re trying, like some backstreet clothes shop selling designer labels, to cut the label off!

At the same time there are some who still want religion but rather than worship the God who made the universe, they make their own gods. Isaiah the prophet mocked such a practice!

Of course many of us don’t actually build an idol. Rather than have gods who look like  birds and reptiles, ours a re house-shaped, career-shaped, money-shaped. Any shape will do. 

We try to invent a better way! How can this end well? 


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