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Spring Harvest 2015: Deeper 3

May 27, 2015

with acknowledgement to Emmanuel Mbakwe (reading Jeremiah 17:5-8)

The evening teaching continues with the two main thoughts.

1. How deep is Jesus’ love?

2. How deep is our love? As a body of Christians we are to be rooted and established in love.

These things take time. Emmanuel told how his family had planted a guava tree in the back yard. He was told it would take around 7 years for there to be any fruit! When he returned years later the tree was there and going strong fruitfully. It was well rooted!

Jeremiah tells us that the secret of being rooted – planted by the waters – is trust. Trust begins at Calvary in surrender and repentance. The Christian life is about daily acts of submission of our will.

When we take control back we are saying we do not trust God.

Rather we need to receive his word, believe it and act on it. Trust is based in intimacy and shown in obedience.

More and more I am hearing this call to intimacy. To be a true son. To know that I am accepted and loved unconditionally. When God too often feels distant should I be surprised if I do not live a life of obedience and fruitfulness?

I am being pulled into that walk. Let’s all surrender to that pull.

Oh and one other nugget:

“Preaching is an act of spiritual worship”.

How true. We don’t stand in the pulpit to give an interesting lecture. It’s war. We should expect to see victory in people’s lives!

How good to know then that that warfare does not depend on me. It depends on the word of God. Which is a sharp double edged sword which will penetrate the hearts of listeners. Preaching is not about our clever stories of experiences. It is his word that brings the power. It is his Spirit who breathes the power. The preacher has a weapon. He needs to let it fight the fight.



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