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Spring Harvest 2015: Deeper 2

May 3, 2015

With acknowledgement to Patrick Regan and Cathy Madavan.

The next section of my notes from day 3 at Minehead, reads like a list of sound bites.

Let’s take another look and see what we can discover.

We continue to think about roots. It is important where those roots are. To be planted by steams of water. Then will be fruitful. I forget where this was read from but it is almost identical to Psalm 1, an old favourite of mine.

“The greatest need today is deep people. The church needs depth”. 

I’m sure that’s not thinking  about deep intellectual dry preaching. Again it is about that rooting.

A call to divert daily. Use our diary as a spiritual weapon. I’m not always great on this but I do try. Using the technology for good rather than distraction. Bible, prayer lists, Twitter feeds on my phone. Trying to use as an opportunity for God to speak into my life. Even tried choosing logins and passwords that remind me of certain Bible verses. It sounds almost silly and obsessive on one level, but it’s good when it works. Add to that the traditional spiritual disciplines. And again for me, bloging my way through scripture, often at the end of the day.

We are called to withdraw weekly. A commitment to being together as church. I’m a big believer in meeting together as church. Not sure if I’d describe it as withdrawing, but it is a concious commitment to being with fellow Christians to worship, without distractions of Facebook, TV and the office.

A call to abandon annually. Time for big events such as Spring Harvest.

It’s about building a rhythm to our lives. I thought about this in part 2 of my sermons on Psalm 119. If you have time…

The Longest Psalm Part 2! via @wordpressdotcom


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