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Spring Harvest 2015: Deeper 1

April 29, 2015

Ephesians 4:14 – 16

With acknowledgement to Krish Kandiah

Time to go deeper into Ephesians 3 and deeper with God.

Four key words; rooted; established; empowered; filled.

The normal Christian experience, I wonder?

“There might be other people or things taking Christ’s rightful position in our hearts” Kandiah.

That sounds all too familiar.

Rooted. the reference is obviously botanical. Ours should not be a tumble weed Christianity but rooted.

Some of my more back breaking times in the garden have been digging out roots. They take some budging. Its one of the main reasons I have come to hate gardening. I blame Adam of course. If only trees just stood on the soil, but of course that would be hopeless.

Trees can be rock solid and last for centuries.

Because of their roots.

It all sounds a bit obvious, but what about when we translate that into our lives as Christians?

The church is suffering titanic losses (around 70%) amongst young people as they move from University onwards.

Suggested causes are giving young people simplistic answers,not properly equipping our young people, consumer Christianity.

The church needs to be deeply connected and supporting one another.

It is about being rooted in God, and it seems in his church. Are we deep or shallow?

Established brings a similar thought from the architectural world. As a church we are being built into a dwelling for God. we are stones being built together. A foundation has been laid and he is Jesus.

The temple wall which was a block to us gentiles was destroyed by Jesus.

That church built by Jesus has gone from 1600 denominations in 1910 to 45000. Now that’s a different idea of being built TOGETHER! Thankfully a lot of our churches are talking to each other and working together, but that is not a great statistic!

Empowered. Power to do what? Not in this case to work great miracles, but power to understand.

What do we pray for our churches and fellow believers? Many things, but what about understanding?

To understand deep things?

Well, one deep thing, yes.

Christ’s love.

At the moment much of my focus is on God’s love. I am hoping I am just beginning to gain some understanding.

We will only understand God’s love TOGETHER. we need to learn it from EACH OTHER.

Church. We can moan about the people in it. We can moan about what it does or doesn’t do. But it is where we see and experience God’s love. That’s what it should be anyway. That’s what it often is.That’s the design.

We are not meant to be solitary Christians.

Filled. Filled to the measure of fullness. That sounds very full!

Filled with the fullness of God.

Oh come on! How can I or my church be that full? Only Jesus is that full.

And yet by his Holy Spirit, Jesus lives in us.

Now that is something to grasp.

That is something I want to understand!

And live out.


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