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Spring Harvest 2015: Closer 3

April 25, 2015

With acknowledgement to Krish Kandiah, Patrick Regan, Cathy Madavan – quotes are as accurate as I can recall from my notes!


What does it mean to be close to God? 

“Closeness seems geographical, but it is an issue of intimacy” Krish Kandiah.

There were 2 men who were close to Jesus. Just feet away. One on either side. Each nailed to a cross. One on either side of the King of the Jews.

One rages insults against him. He may look close but he is a million miles away.

The other seizes his moment and asks to be remembered. He is the one who truly knows what it is to be close.

Do you we know that intimacy. The love of father and child?

“Our problem is that we rely on activities to get us close to God. He is unconditionally committed to us” from a later session with Patrick Regan and Cathy Madavan.

A further reminder we do not earn God’s approval. He is much more willing to receive us than we imagine. He wants that relationship.

“God wants our activity to be out of intimacy with him. It does matter what we do but it doesn’t earn his love.

This keeps coming up. It keeps coming out recently in my own preaching. The son who ran away from the Father’s house was received back unconditionally. The equally lost big brother lived a life of good activity without the relationship. Geography certainly didn’t make him close!

“God doesn’t love us at a distance. He is with us in the difficult times. He is at the heart of a broken and messed up world”.  Hard to believe but equally vital to believe on a day like today with another huge human disaster in Nepal. There is no one who does not matter to God the father.

This thought of closeness and intimacy is a challenge to me. What do I know about it? What about you?


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