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Spring Harvest 2015: Closer 2

April 23, 2015

with thanks to Krish Kandiah, Christy Wimber, Cathy Madavan, Patrick Regan, Paul Weston

Continuing to look ‘closer’.

“If our theology doesn’t make us worship more there is something wrong” Krish  Kandiah

I have been experimenting with blogging now for over 2 years. I feel that I have little way of knowing whether the experiment is working!

Is it about the number of readers? Positive or negative feedback?

There is a lot to be said for recording your thoughts on scripture.  Sharing with those out in the cyber world. It is good to unravel a bible passage. Much of it I guess is about theology. What I believe about God.

But quite rightly the statement above says it is not enough to take notes, or blog as an exercise. Theology spills over into worship.

It is because of what I believe about God, that I want to praise Him. I worship Jesus because of what I see about him in his word.

I see Jesus in his humanity, in his suffering, in his glory but still bearing his scars. That calls me to worship.

May you or I never lose that time individually and together in our churches to respond with gratitude to what God has done for us.

Remember 10 lepers were healed on one occasion. Only 1 thought to go back to thank their healer.

“Worship of God should give you an interest in theology”. Kandiah

Worship is not just about the songs or the music, or the leader. That should cause us to want to know more. Call us to dig further.

Now there’s just 2 quotes but they will take some working out!

The Bible and the textbook will drive us to worship which will send us to the bible and the text book. And back.


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