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Spring Harvest 2015: our God is higher

April 16, 2015

Ephesians 3:20

It’s now almost a week since I unpacked after Spring Harvest.

By unpacked I mean. I put loads of clothes ready for washing, put unused stuff back in drawers, and put my snooker cue in the back of the wardrobe. Cases put away. Job done.

Just before the end of Spring Harvest, someone asked me if God had spoken to me during the week. I would imagine the short answer would be yes, but the more accurate answer was ” I need to get home and unpack it all”.

That’s the way it always works for me. There is so much to take in. You furiously take notes, and then over a period of weeks you chew it over and apply. That’s even before you start reading all the books you bought! £££

The starting point is the verse above, part of the prayer which was to be dissected over the coming days. Picking up the week’s theme ‘Immeasurably More’. 

A reminder that our God can do so much more than we can even imagine.

How big is our imagination I wonder? Have to say mine is pretty meagre much of the time. Most of the time.

It’s a problem isn’t it, when your experience of God is so much less than you believe. Other Christians seem to have all the easy answers. But for many I am sure there is a big gap between what we truly honestly believe about God, and what we experience of him in our lives.

That difference can often be highlighted in what we sing about God. Gavin Calver challenged us on this, that we can sing ‘Saviour he can move the mountains’, but we actually don’t believe in this country that he can change and break into the everyday situations we find ourselves in.

We need to believe for the best. That God will change the things that we cannot change, that he will help us to share our faith. That’s been an interesting one in work this week. A lot of talk about what great weather I had last week but the idea of 5,000 Christians in Butlins doesn’t seem to have caught colleagues’ imaginations as much as I might have hoped!!

And very quickly you’re back into the thick of work things but God is above all this. He is able. You know I believe it!

Yes we were reminded, God is bigger than our imaginations. He is bigger than our oppressors. He is bigger than our critics.

As Gavin pointed out, if death could not hold Jesus than neither can a theological debate.

But back in the ‘real’ world, do most of us face out and out critics, or just a wall of apathy where God is concerned.

While the unpacking continues, our God is bigger than even that.

Let’s pray BIG.


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