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Romans blog post 12: Show yourself

March 31, 2015

Romans 1:18-20

So that’s all very positive. But now Paul’s letter takes an altogether nastier turn.

From the salvation that God offers by faith in Jesus, we now turn to God’s wrath – his anger against mankind.

But surely God loves us.

Yet there is anger against men and women, which somehow is now being shown.

The anger is against godlessness and wickedness.

People live with no regard for God. He is not part of their lives. They have no sense of need of a God.

The truth is out there but Paul describes it as being suppressed by our wickedness.

Truth is squeezed out and hidden by the evil lives we live.

But of course our focus so far has been the gospel. We might say well many people have not even heard the gospel, but Paul is insistent. God has made plain what we can know about him.

The truth about God is plain and visible.

What does Paul mean by this?

God speaks to us through creation.

From the very beginning. He created it all. Take a look at what you see. The creation speaks of the creator.

The creation reveals God’s power and shows us God’s nature. Even without Paul or anyone else preaching a word.

Elsewhere Christians are challenged “how will they hear unless we tell them?”.

And yet Paul is apparently saying “no one has an excuse”. Creation speaks of God in a loud multi coloured voice.

The wonder of it all should cause us to wonder.

But does it tell us the gospel?

Does it tell us of God’s love for us?

Does it tell us of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Surely not. But it gives men a clue that there is a God. A God that men and women can seek, who promises to be found if we do that.

God it seems can be justly angry if we have ignored the signs.

As men seek for truth and meaning, how important as we said that the gospel is preached, that that which is a mystery to people is further revealed by our actions and words.


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