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Romans blog post 11: All right now

March 27, 2015

Romans 1:17

The gospel changes people.

The gospel is powerful.

The gospel saves those who believe.

Now in this verse, the gospel reveals the righteousness God.

Of course. We know God is righteous. He is holy. He is perfect. 

So how can this be good news? Surely a perfect God is unapproachable by messed up people like you and me.

When Paul talks about how the righteous will live he can’t be talking about us, right?

The righteous live by doing all the right stuff, by living perfect lives, by treating others as we’d like to be treated, by giving to charity. That is what makes us right with God, right?

Wrong actually.

Righteousness is not about good deeds, but is about faith from top to bottom and start to finish.


That is the key to entering a relationship with God that we crave (even if we don’t know it).

Faith in Jesus.

We cannot earn it.

We do not have to earn it.

We trust in what God has already done through Jesus.

Faith will ultimately  show itself in the things we do, but our good deeds will never EARN God’s love and favour.

Gospel = good news.


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