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Romans blog post 10: The power of love

March 23, 2015

Romans 1:16

When I was 16 I was baptised. My baptismal hymn was “I’m not ashamed to own my Lord or to defend his cause”.

Paul continues “I am not ashamed of the gospel”.

The gospel of Jesus is something to be proud of.


Because the gospel has power. The story of Jesus is not just a good read. It is the gospel. It is good news. News that the world needs to hear.

Whose power is involved?

It is the very power of God.

And what does that power achieve through the gospel?

It brings salvation.

To whom? Who will be saved? 

Everyone who believes in the gospel of Jesus.

It isn’t living a good life that will save you. It is believing the gospel of Christ.

That is open to everyone. All who believe. Jew or gentile. From every nation.

A gospel that is that powerful needs to be shared. People’s lives depend on it.

So I ask myself “if I am not ashamed of the gospel, why do I find it so hard to share?” It is one thing to shout it from the pulpit. It is another to share it quietly in the work place or with a neighbour or an unbelieving family member.

Are we embarrassed by the message?

Does it appear to be nonsense? Do we think our colleagues are above it all?

Are we embarrassed by the poor reputation of much of the church?

Are we uncertain in the face of the attacks of militant atheists?

Does what we believe seem to be so at odds with what the world sees?

“I am not ashamed of the gospel”.

It transforms lives.

God’s power is at work.

Do I need to ask God to use me to share good news, that his power will move again?


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