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Romans blog post 9: I’ve got news for you

March 18, 2015

Romans 1:15

So with the non-Jews a focus for Paul, he tells his readers, that he is eager to be with them. He doesn’t just quite fancy the idea of a visit to Rome. This is his passion.

What is it that drives him? A desire to preach there. He has got something to say. He is ready to teach them. But what specifically is it he wants to teach to the Roman Christians?

The gospel.

The good news of Jesus.

Question; why do you want to preach the gospel to people who are already believers? Isn’t that what they call preaching to the converted.

It is easy to get hung up on this sort of thing. As someone who preaches I often find there is an expectation amongst the congregation and their leaders as to what I am going to say.

I may be expected to give Bible teaching to the Christians.

On the other hand I need to preach the gospel in a particular service because there is “someone there who needs it”, or worse still there are no non-believers present tnis week, but this is our practice.

This can sometimes result in trying to find things in the biblical passage which are not there, twisting the message to suit requirements. More and more I find myself rejecting this.

So why preach the gospel in the Roman church?

Well firstly it could be that there were non Christians present in their gatherings. Searching. So it was entirely appropriate to preach the gospel. Where a church is thriving and the Holy Spirit is at work, we should expect it to be an attractive church which draws people in to know more. Where people having living relationships which cause them, like the apostle Andrew, to bring people to Jesus.

Secondly I find myself thinking more than ever that we as Christians need to hear the gospel. maybe not in the sense of hearing an ABC of how to get to heaven, how to be saved. But to be reminded of all that Jesus has done for us. To be reassured when faith is wavering. To fuel our praise and worship. How much does God really love me?

When my religion has become legalistic and dry, I need to rediscover the joy of my salvation.

My suspicion is that the gospel is much wider than we imagine. God’s word is gospel. God’s word reaches and teaches. To preach the word of God has value. It has potential. Power to change lives. Power to speak to 50 people in the room in 50 different ways, so that each of them goes away changed if they respond to what God is saying.

I need to speak clearly. Clear Biblical truth. But I do not need to twist the message to do the Holy Spirit’s work for Him.

It is about God’s word and God’s anointing. Faithful preaching will achieve its goal but only in God’s hands, with his anointing.


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