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Revelation blog post 23: Now come near

March 15, 2015

Revelation 5:10

Let’s return to that song. Let’s listen a little further to the worship of heaven. The new entry straight in at number 1 in the celestial charts.

The Lamb is worthy because of his sacrificial death. And that death has paid the price for people of all nations.

What are those people to be? What are they in Jesus?

English, French, American, Australian, Chinese, Indian, African, you name it – every nation. Jesus brings them all together as one nation. Under one King. King Jesus. The Lamb is indeed worthy. We’re given a new nationality in him. New passports. 

No place for racial tension here!

And they have also been made priests. They stand before God to serve him. That is what they are called to do. To serve him in worship. To stand between God and man.

Just now the desolation. No one can approach God. No one can come near to his throne. None are good enough to take and open the scroll.

Only the Lamb.

But through him he has called you and me, millions of people to be a kingdom of priests. In other words we have the great privilege afforded to priests.

We CAN approach the the throne of God.

We CAN!!

The 24 elders are just representatives of the many who have been ransomed by the blood of the Lamb.

Are we worthy?

No. Only Jesus is?

Are we welcome?

Yes we are!  Only through Jesus!

I am starting to use exclamation marks!! Because something inside me is feeling very very (!) excited!!!

And it’s with that sense of excitement that we respond with worship. 

When was the last time you fell at the feet of Jesus in worship. We do not all worship in the same way. Worship leaders and harp players are wrong to assume that everyone worships alike. Some will raise hands, some will sit or stand quietly. Some will clap, some will dance, some show emotion, others will be deep in thought! 

But when was the last time you fell at the feet of Jesus? When was the last time you saw a fellow worshipper on Sunday flat on her knees, never mind flat on their faces?

And these people will reign in the earth. Only God the father, the Lamb and the Holy Spirit have authority, but authority is given to those who love him.

I’m going to be quiet now and try to drink this in!


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