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Revelation blog post 22: Worthy is the Lamb

March 14, 2015

Revelation 5:7-9

Without further ado the Lamb goes to the throne and takes the scroll from his Father. But we have to wait before we find out what this scroll is or what it has to say.

For as soon as the Lamb has taken hold of the scroll it’s time for some spontaneous worship led by those creatures and the elders.

How do they worship? Extravagantly. Falling down before the Lamb, leaving us in no doubt as to who he is. Again it’s not singing hymns with their hands in their pockets. Their worship is physical.

We are told that the elders all have harps. Which presumably they play. Are these the worship leaders of heaven?

There’s reverence. And music. And incense. Sights sounds and smells.

We are told that the incense represents the prayers of the saints. God’s people are praying and those prayers are being heard by God and the Lamb.

So to the music.

It’s a new release, never heard before.

In the previous song God was worthy, but now it is the Lamb who is worthy.

Firstly he is worthy to take the scroll. He is the one who can approach the throne and takes from the very hand of God. And he can undo the scroll.

What is it that makes him worthy? It is that he was killed. It is that he was the sacrifice. Those marks which are somehow still visible inspire worship.

It is the blood he shed which is the subject of praise.

It is the scope of his sacrificial act that causes them to worship. For his salvation knows no geographical limits. Every tribe and nation has representatives here and reason for gratitude and worship.

The Lamb is worthy because of what he’s done.

Worthy to take and open the scroll.

Worthy to have songs of worship written about him and sung to him.

And that’s only the first part of this new song. I’ll teach you the second verse  next time!

You ready to worship?

Know who and why you worship.


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