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Revelation blog post 21: Stop making sense

March 13, 2015

Revelation 5:6

The focus changes. A new star is about to enter centre stage. Make way for The Lion.

But hang on. This makes no sense.

As The Lion’s arrival is announced it is someone or something quite different that makes an appearance.

A lamb.

Is this mistake? What is happening?

“Where’s The Lion?”

“Here he is”.

“But that’s no lion. It’s a lamb”.

“Same thing”.

John describes the lamb. He is a lamb who looks as though he has been killed.

Q: What does a lamb normally look like when it’s been killed?

A: Dead.

But this lamb is not dead. He is standing up.There he is  surrounded by those four living creatures and the elders. The Lamb who is a lion.

As with the four living creatures, the lamb has some unusual features (gosh that rhymes!).

He has seven horns. He has seven eyes. Ever seen a lamb like that? The seven eyes are described as the seven spirits of God. Again the Holy Spirit is present in the person of the Lamb/Lion. This is the Holy Spirit who is active in the world.

John of course records John the Baptist’s description of Jesus as the Lamb of God in his gospel. It can’t surely have been lost on John who this lamb was. This is his master Jesus.

What is it about Jesus in Revelation? Does Jesus literally keep changing appearance before our eyes or is John seeing descriptive pictures?

The risen shining glory of chapter 1, the majesty of the lion, and a lamb still bearing the scars of slaughter.

How do you see Jesus?

1. Risen glorious Lord?

2. Majestic King?

3. Sacrificial lamb?

4. All of the above?

Correct answer should be number 4. What will Jesus look like in eternity?

We cannot know.

But somehow when we look at him, we will be able to see his glory, his majesty and his suffering.

We will never stop praising him that he has conquered death and been glorified.

We will never stop worshipping the creator of all things.

We will never stop thanking the one who bears the marks of the nails, when he died for us.

He made us. He died for us. He gave us life.

Reasons for you and I to be grateful.



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  1. Revelations is becoming a favorite book of mine! It is incredible how John is able to tie together all of the loose ends of the Old Testament symbolism to explain what is going on. So, you caught the reference to who the Lamb is. Check Genesis 49:8-10 (you might find that lion there :D). Compare the scene of Jesus in chapter 1 with Daniel 10:3-9. Compare the scene in Revelation 4 with Ezekiel 1-3. It’s all speaking forth of the throne room – otherwise known as the Holy of Holies. Also see Zechariah 3:9 and 4:10 for those seven eyes.
    Grace and peace in Christ!

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