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Romans blog post 7: I only want to be with you

February 22, 2015

Romans 1:11-13

So Paul is praying for the Roman church. He is also praying for himself in the sense that he wants God to answer his prayers so that he can go to Rome to meet them.

But the plan is just not to visit them for a package holiday, but to give to them. For Paul to use his gifts among them. As he puts it, he wants to strengthen them by giving a spiritual gift.

What does he mean by that? Well actually this is a two way thing. He has heard good things about them and he is confident that they will actually encourage each other, by the reality of their faith. The apostle has much to give but still has a lot to learn.

Paul has so far been frustrated. He tells them plainly that he has often wanted to come and see them. He may even have tried to buy tickets. But somehow it has never happened. Something has always stopped him.

But he’s not given up. He is looking for a harvest. God has used him in other places. He has had a fruitful ministry. Why not in Rome too?

Maybe you are feeling led to go to Rome. Even if not, there is something here for all of us in our attitude to church. It’s not all take take take for you and me. It is also about what we can give.

On the other hand if someone of Paul’s standing could see it, then surely we too must see it’s not all about the skills that we have. We need to be ready to receive what the church offers us.

It’s a mutual thing.


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