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Romans blog post 6: Thankyou

February 9, 2015

Romans 1:8-10

As with so many of his letters Paul launches into thanksgiving. These people he has never been to see, cause him to express gratitude to God. It’s as if he knows them pretty well. So what is he so pleased about?

He is thankful for their faith. Their belief and trust is so evident. Indeed it is world famous. Everyone knows that these people in Rome are people of faith. It is on everyone’s lips. It’s the talk of the World wide church even.

Here was something to aspire to. The faith of the Romans. If we could all be like them.

What is the world saying about you and me and the churches we are part of?

Paul thanks God. When you or I pray for a friend, or a church or a situation, is our first thought thanksgiving? Even if we need to correct people, do we first look for that which is good and thank God?

Through Jesus. Even as we pray to the Father, it is Jesus who is the intermediary. He is the object of faith. He is the one who made it all possible. And he is the one who we connect to God through in prayer.

Paul says “God knows how often I think about you. The God whom I serve. The one I speak for. He knows that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.”

“I pray for you and first and foremost I thank God for you”.

Is someone, a church group, a people group constantly on your mind? Do you give thanks as you remember them. Not just rushing in with our requests, but starting with an attitude of gratitude.

There was another desire in Paul’s heart. He wanted to get to meet these Roman Christians. That was his plan. That too was his prayer. He wanted to be part of things.

The Romans had faith. Hey I wonder was that the faith of the super duper holy holy super heroes of church faith? Or is it actually exactly the same faith that you and I have in Jesus our saviour?

And is it time to look at all those ordinary people who make up the church of Jesus and thank God?


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