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Romans blog post 5: Desire

February 9, 2015

Romans 1:7

So back we come to those Romans. God’s beloved holy people.

Verse 7 concludes Paul’s greeting.

What are the things that Paul wants this church to have? What are the gifts that he wants God the Father and God the Son to give them?

2 things. Grace and peace. We’ve already talked about that grace. Those riches that a relationship with God brings. For them to experience all the goodness that is available to them.

And peace. Peace with God is already theirs. So is it peace with each other? Peace in their own hearts and minds?

A simple prayer but a deep one. Paul’s desire that the should know such grace and such peace. Things that only God can give.

And it’s all through Jesus. The embodiment of grace. The ultimate peacemaker.

“You’ve received all this is Christ” says Paul . Then receive it. Live in it.

That’s the hard bit.


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