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Romans blog post 4: the Endless River

January 29, 2015

Romans 1:6 & 7

So Paul is a man with a calling. To bear witness to the Gentiles.

But just in case his readers may have thought otherwise he tells them that they are called too.

Their calling is to belong. Do you have a sense of needing to belong? To find your place?

The gentile Christians belonged. Their owner was Jesus Christ.

So specifically we find in verse 7 that Paul is writing to those people in Rome (yeah the title of the book was a bit of a giveaway!).

The Roman Christians belong to Jesus Christ.

They are loved by God.

They are called to be God’s people.

But not just any old people. God’s holy people. To be holy is to be set apart. So in an echo of Paul’s earlier words the recipients of this letter are just as much called and set apart as Paul himself.

Roman Christians are no different to British Christians or American Christians or Christians in the Far East.

So what about you?

You belong to Jesus.

But in case that makes you feel like little more than an object for possession, you are loved by God.

You are called to be holy. As the church is called to be a holy people.

Belonging. Loved. Holy.

Been thinking and listening and reading a lot about the love of God just recently. Even preached on it. But I guess I am not the only one who fails to grasp God’s love for me.

Simon Ponsonby at Spring Harvest last year described that discovery of the love of Father God for me as the authentic Charismatic experience. It is a cry for a father. ‘Abba Father’.

How high. How deep. How wide. How endless. An endless river of God’s love.

How often do I race across the surface of that love.

Drink it.

Wash in it.

Plunge into it.

Allow the love of God to drench you. For his love is massive.

Let’s ask him to show us again.


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