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Romans blog post 2: Separated out

January 19, 2015

Romans 1:1-4

So we have made it through about half of the first verse of the apostle’s epistle, the letter from a slave.

Paul is an apostle, an eye witness.

He is also a servant, or even a slave.

There is something else he has to say about himself. He is set apart.

He is set apart for something.

He is set apart by someone.

Paul has been specifically chosen for a specific job.

He has been chosen by God to live a life.

He is set apart for the gospel of God.

That is his job, his vocation, his calling, his career, his business. He is the spokesman of God’s good news – not just as a hobby in his spare time but it is everything. His job description.

The Paul who is set apart for the gospel is the one who is writing the letter.

But it is not a new gospel. It is a gospel that has been promised for many years by the prophets. It is the good news that has been promised and fulfilled. It is the good news of God’s Son. Jesus.

So n these opening verses we discover the writer, his occupation, and his employer. These are his credentials.

Jesus who was a man just like us. He was thought, quite naturally, to be Joseph’s son from the family of King David. But he was more than a man and he had proved it. He was the one who rose from the dead, by the power of the Holy Spirit. An event which is central to the good news that Paul lives for. His whole lifestyle is based on the resurrection of Jesus. Death defeated. Jesus is a man but first and foremost he is God.

Jesus is the Christ – God’s chosen one.

And Jesus Christ is Lord.

Lord of Paul’s life. The CEO of Paul’s enterprise.

Now none of us might claim to be like Paul but the Bible does tell Christians that we are set apart. We have a higher calling. The Bible writers call it holiness. The Holy Spirit is described in this passage as the Spirit of holiness. It is his job to make us the people we should be.

How do you live with that sense of being set apart? What has God called you to do?

Paul’s life foundation was the resurrection of Jesus. Is that the same for you and me? In what way is my life a resurrection life with Jesus as my Lord?


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