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Queen – 16 stolen gems from the crown

November 21, 2014

  So… let me welcome you ladies and gentlemen I would like to say ‘hello’

Last week., I watched “The Nation’s Favourite Queen Song” on ITV. I anticipated it being quite a predictable set of songs and I was proved right – right up to Bohemian Rhapsody at numero uno.

I thought before the show that this chart would probably not reflect “Queen Fan’s Favourite Queen Song”. and probably not my taste either.

A band of such talent and inventiveness have come up with so many high points. There are some low points too, but so many great numbers written by four high calibre song writers.

Queen were my band during my teenage years. I always used to say, maybe just partly to be different, that BoRap was not my favourite. Now I would struggle to pin point their greatest achievement, the song that most floats my boat.

I did not make a note of the top 20 list voted for by the public. Don’t think something like ‘It’s a hard life’ warrants its place. More controversially perhaps I would lose football anthem “We are the champions”.

But let’s be positive. here’s a list of gems that should be embedded in the royal crown.

Liar (“Queen”)

Let’s start with a song from the band’s debut album. This was always my number 1 all those years ago. Dramatic, lengthy hard rock.

Father To Son (“Queen II”)

From the concept album. Queen lays down some rock.

Now I’m here (“Sheer Heart Attack”)

Another contender for my number 1 Queen Song. A Brian May rock creation. The “Live Killers” version sounds huge.Here’s an earlier version.

Bring Back That Leroy Brown (“Sheer Heart Attack”)

Queen could always do music hall. Never better than on this little number. Banjo n all.

Love of my life (“A Night at the Opera”)

And please explain to me a Queen top 20 without this gorgeous love song. Freddie Mercury’s voice had 2 extremes. This is one from the angelic end of his vocal spectrum. Beautiful. Not to mention Dr May making his guitar sound like a harp. Prefer the studio version but this was always a live sing along.

Tie Your Mother Down (“A Day At The Races”)

A massive rock album opener showing Freddie the rock singer. Uncompromising sentiments but hey “I’m a peace loving guy!”

Which is immediately followed on the album by:

You take my breath away (“A Day At The Races”)

I love it when an album opens with 2 really contrasting songs. We move from anger and frustration to aching beauty.

Good old fashioned lover boy (“A Day At The Races”)

Another one. Yes, I always said I preferred “Races” to “Opera”. This is another song in the music hall mould. Just perfectly executed down to the precision in the count from 1 to 9!

My Melancholy Blues (“News Of The World”)

Freddie and his piano. Such an underrated combination.

In Only Seven Days (“Jazz”)

John Deacon’s holiday romance in 2 and a half minutes. Just love it.

Flash’s Theme (“Flash Gordon”)

Aah! The song. The film. Happy memories. Remember when there were only 14 hours to save the earth?

Backchat (“Hot Space”)

Let’s be really controversial and stick one in from the “disco album” because that album isn’t as bad as people remember.

Hammer to fall (“The Works”)

Forget disco. Queen rock once more.

Is this the world we created? (“The Works”)

A song about famine and the mess we’ve made of the world. A great sentiment. Here’s the Live Aid version:

Mother love (“Made In Heaven”)

A highlight from the posthumous release. Haunting.

You don’t fool me (“Made In Heaven”)

Another song that has that funky vibe.

And just to underline:

The ones the nation got right:

Killer Queen (clicks fingers), BoRap (Mamma mia!), Somebody to love (Somebody tooooooooooo!), We will rock you (clap and stomp), Don’t stop me now (Good time good time), Crazy little thing called love (Ready Freddie?), Under Pressure (the duet), Radio Gaga (hands above your head), One Vision (fried chicken!), I want it all (and I want it NOW!), These are the days of our lives (so beautiful, so poignant), The show must go on (indeed).

Your majesty….


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