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Alvin Stardust, Cliff and Jesus

October 23, 2014

  The news today that Alvin Stardust has died has taken me back around 30 years to a night in Cobham, Surrey when I was a law student.

One Sunday night I attended a church in Cobham with some fellow students. Worship was led by Noel Richards, who I remembered from his days in Plymouth. Gerald Coates was the pastor, and preacher that night.

As we sat down, it was hard not to notice that sitting a row or two in front of us was Cliff Richard. With him were Alvin Stardust and his wife the actress Liza Goddard.

That is the closest I ever got to Alvin (or Cliff for that matter!). My memory of the evening is that at the end of his sermon Gerald Coates invited those who had never trusted Jesus to stand. Alvin Stardust got to his feet. It seems that this was shortly after a meeting with some Christians on a train, which had a profound effect upon him.

I was sad to read not long after that Alvin and Liza’ s marriage had ended in divorce. I have read today that she seems to have blamed his Christianity for this and the fact that the church now wanted 10% of their income!

So becoming a Christian was not an easy option, as if it ever is. Later I read how Alvin described himself as a not very good Christian., as he struggled to live out his faith. But his next marriage certainly lasted and it is interesting that the phrase ‘committed Christian’ is mentioned in a number of articles I have read today.

See I never met Alvin. I can’t say I really cared for his music, but it seems to me that I was there on the most important night of his life. A night that changed his life almost immediately, but which brought about an eternal change. When he met Jesus, and trusted him as his Lord and saviour.

And now he is heaven bound.


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  1. This story is completely true – except that Alvin and I never discussed money or him giving to the church. Records would show that he was not a regular giver at all. Not least of all because as a singer/actor he was in and out of work – earning then not earning. Thankyou!


  2. Jason permalink

    Hi Ant,

    Gerald is right. Typically no one who attended CCF or PP for any length of time would prosper.
    The Church demanded a great deal in return for sticking with it and ultimately it was only those who broke free from this ‘shared journey’ and then crucially; found God again: that really prospered!
    It really got up leader’s noses if they found out later on that you were doing well without even attending another Church, yet maintaining a simple faith with the Lord under your own steam.
    I met Alvin once as his wife gave me singing lessons. He seemed like a good bloke and one who had managed to carve out an expression of his faith despite the many pit falls of the music business.
    Gerald refers to ‘records’ but it is unlikely these truly exist: Only a few years ago I enquired about the old Church tape library, (a treasure trove of cracking preaches and misplaced identities); only to learn a decision had been made to just dump it in a skip!

    Moves of God come, Moves of God go; but ultimately it is not the programs or meetings that a Church puts on that defines its outcome – rather it is what is in the heart of its Founder. CCF and PP are no more; shame really, they came closest to taking the UK in the same way Booth had almost done; but for the decisions made way above my pay grade.

    Hope this helps.

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