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Thoughts on fatherhood

September 29, 2014

Over the weekend I listened to some teaching from Spring Harvest on God as our father. The speakers talked about the number of different perceptions that we have of fatherhood based upon our experiences, positive and negative of our own fathers.

The listeners were encouraged to think of 2 words to describe their fathers. One positive, one negative.

From the responses it was clear that emotions were stirred. It was strong stuff. From what those who felt totally loved and cherished and those who felt neglected or downright abused.

I thought about my dad. So many positives. I was reluctant to think of any negatives. So many positives. A family man. A godly man. A lot of fun. No negatives.

Perhaps there was one. One that he could do nothing about. If I was to think of a negative word it might be ‘old’.

My dad was 42 when I was born. Crumbs he’d be coming up to 94 now! So there were probably 2 generations between us.

We were never for example going to enjoy the same music. We wouldn’t go to a gig together like I have done with my own daughter.

We were unlikely to be playing football together any time. On at least one occasion I made comment that I wish my dad was younger, but actually I would trade that for all the good things he did bring into my life.

We could disagree on my music, or the length of my hair.

But on the timeless things of faith he was my supreme role model. A wonderful bible teacher but open minded and encouraging us to think for ourselves when that was required.

So getting back to where we started, how would that translate into my relationship with God? Maybe I might feel that we can never fully meet, that there are parts of my life He will not understand.

Perhaps I may lose that sense of working together with God, feeling that He does His thing and I do my mine. He calls me his co-worker.

Did I spend as much time with my dad as I should have done? Probably not, but I think I’m much worse at finding and maintaining that close relationship with my Heavenly Father.

We can live with regrets forever. Some things have got to be worth more than that haven’t they?


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