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Revelation blog post 13:Philadelphia freedom

July 28, 2014

“Lord of Lords, King of Kings, has returned to lead his children home, to take them to the new Jerusalem!” Genesis – Supper’s Ready (from the album ‘Foxtrot’).

Revelation 3:7-13

Church no 6. Philadelphia. Asia not America.

Again start with the credentials of the sender. The one who is holy and true. Above all we can imagine and beyond questioning.

Holding the key of David. A key that opens doors. Into the kingdom of David. Better than that. The Kingdom of God. Jesus, a descendant of David has complete control.

No human can close what he has opened.

No one can open what he has closed.

Again, “I know”. The all seeing eyes are ever there.

The good news for Philadelphia is that Jesus has opened a door for them. And as we know that means it can never be shut.

On the surface this church “has little strength”, but are loyal to their leader.

In their weakness though Jesus has set a way ahead for them. They don’t need to find the keys, struggle with the padlock. It’s done. All they have to do is step through.

How much do we leave it to Jesus to open the way for us? To lead us in his way?

Maybe as Christians we overuse the analogy of opening and shutting doors in the realm of guidance, but when it’s Jesus plan, we can take that step into all that he has for us.

There are times when as churches we wrestle to discover God’s will and direction. Perhaps occasionally we will find that Jesus has prepared the way and made it obvious for us?

The Jewish influence was at work in this church too, trying to add to Jesus’ requirements of his church.

Jesus would show them to be wrong. Those who thought they were strong would come to bow before those appeared to be weak. Weak but loved by Jesus.

And because of their faithfulness Jesus promises them that they will be spared the persecution that others are about to face.

“I am coming soon”. Words that echo down the centuries. Through 2 millennia? Soon? Seems crazy, but the promise remains. The hope remains. The fear remains. If God is patient, as Peter wrote in his letter, then he is faithful. If Jesus was coming soon 2,000 years ago, then it must be a lot sooner now!

Again there is a reward for the winners. They will be pillars.

But not mere pillars of society. Pillars in God’s temple. Permanent fixtures in his house.

They are marked with the name of God. His new name. With the name of his City Jerusalem.

But this is the New Jerusalem. Made by God for them.

A promise for the weak. Unshakeable. Open your ears.


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