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Revelation blog post 6: The Man

June 2, 2014

Revelation 1:12 – 17

As the voice trumpets out, John turns. I love the way he describes turning to ‘see the voice’. In one sense impossible but actually making perfect sense. Who or what is calling John top the task in hand?

Initially John sees no one. Just seven golden lamp stands. Maybe the glow of the candles obscures the speaker? But it is a wonder that the lamp stands catch his eye at all. For among them is the most glorious of visions, which surely would outshine anything in heaven and earth. One for whom surely no words can do justice.

A man in appearance and yet totally unlike any man John had seen. Dressed in a full length robe which John does not even attempt to describe. with a golden sash around his chest. But that is as far as John’s interest goes in the man’s clothing. the focus is on the man.

John starts with the head. Hair that is brilliant white. But in contract the eyes. The eyes are utterly penetrating. His eyes are like flaming fire. There is no escaping these eyes. As if John can barely stand the sight he looks to the ground, but even there is struck by the man’s feet! Like bronze heated in the furnace.

And add to the sight, the sound of his voice, which John previously described as like a trumpet. He now likens it to the sound of many rushing waters. The sight and the sound are truly awesome (such an over used word 2000 years later!)

In his hands? In his right hand he holds 7 stars. And from his mouth a sharp double edged sword. a mouth where words were truly powerful.

And back to the face. A face that shone like the sun in all its brilliance.

The sights and sounds are overwhelming, and John falls to the ground, prostrate before this man like no other!

A fearsome sight. And yet this man places a hand on John and encourages him not to fear.

Yes this him. The first and the last. The living one, even though he was now dead, now eternally alive! This is Jesus.

And he holds the keys of heaven and Hades.

I wonder how you view Jesus. Do we see him as the man who walked this earth? Do we see him in his suffering? We are right of course to think of him in that way. But should we not see something more of him in his glory, beauty, purity, a consuming fire, a fearsome sight?

Do we stand and meet him eye to eye, or do we fall to our faces overwhelmed by the sight of our risen glorified Lord?

The fearsome one. Who says “Don’t be afraid”.


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  1. Really thought provoking blog post. Please feel free to re-share your inspirational posts at Godinterest Dot Com, God Bless Your Ministry.

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