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Revelation blog post 5: in the Spirit

June 1, 2014

Revelation 1:10 & 11

So it’s Sunday. And John is in solitary confinement on an island. Alone but not beaten. He is ‘in the Spirit’. He is worshipping on his own but he is worshipping.

Think about it. God’s Spirit is not limited by our circumstances. He is in us as followers of Jesus. And we are in him.

Last week the preacher said something along the lines of:

‘If you find your peace in the garden, then rheumatism will rob you of it.
If you find your peace in your job, redundancy will rob you of it.
If you find your peace in a relationship, death will rob you of it’.

Where do we place our trust? When can we know God’s Spirit in our lives?

In a crowd of believers or on our own?
In good times or bad?

Is my trust of him
For better or worse
In sickness and health
For richer and poorer?

If we trust him then he is there.

And John the prisoner is proof of that. He is in the Spirit.

And in the Spirit he hears a voice. A loud voice like a trumpet. Coming over loud and clear!

When we have that relationship with God’s Spirit then there is an expectation that we will hear.

It is when John is in the Spirit that he is given a mission. Write to these 7 churches in Asia:


John is in God’s Spirit, he hears a voice and he is given a mission.

I wonder, when you and I gather to worship on a Sunday, what is our expectation? Will we experience the working of God’s Spirit? Do we expect to be spoken to? Do we expect to leave our churches having heard from God and ready to accept our mission?


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