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Revelation blog post 4:Three blessings!

May 28, 2014

Revelation 1:9

John is a friend and companion to his readers. He writes to them with good motives. With a loving heart.

He writes because of what he shares with his readers in Jesus. They have much in common.

If you think about what you have in Jesus. If you think about what he gives to your life, what would be the 3 things at the top of your list.

Here’s John’s list as he writes:

1. Suffering. Not sure I’d pick that one! But John recognised the part of suffering in the Christian life.
2. The kingdom. They were fellow citizens of the kingdom of God. Now that’s a privilege.
3. Patient endurance. That ability to keep going in this life is from Jesus.

Three blessings that are yours in Jesus. Suffering. Citizenship. Patient endurance. A winning combination?

You see john knew these things. He was on the island of Patmos. Not because he was on holiday either! He was there “because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus’. In other words he was there as a punishment for talking about Jesus. In solitary confinement.

So when John talks about the suffering that comes from following Jesus, he knows what he is talking about. He’s there! Like many Christians around the world today, it cost him to be a follower.

But somehow it was important to him in his solitude that he was not alone. He was part of something bigger. A kingdom. Even totally alone he had a sense of belonging.

And he kept going. Patient endurance. In all this he had a greater perspective. If he could keep going, then so could his readers in their suffering. For John was not alone in facing hardship for his faith.

John is at it again! Packing so much into 1 verse.

How do I view suffering in my life? Is it an intruder or is it integral part of what it means to be a Christian?

What does it mean to know I am a citizen of God’s kingdom, with many more around the world? Do I feel that no one else understands? That my struggles are my own?

And what do I know of faithful endurance? Do I want everything fixed now?


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