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Revelation blog post 3:Look up!

May 27, 2014

Revelation 1:7-8

Time to cast our minds back to some of the conversations Jesus had with his disciples towards the end of John’s Jesus biography. John reclined with the other disciples as he listened to Jesus’ promises for their future.

Promises, we may be tempted to say that went in 12 ears and out 12 others. But promises they came to understand after his resurrection. Although even then not completely.

Jesus had broken the bad news that he was going away but one day he was going to return. And the time in between was being well used to prepare a place, a huge place, for his followers.

One day he would come back. John and the other disciples were waiting perhaps anticipating an imminent return. Peter had even pointed to John and said to Jesus “what’s going to happen to him?” Jesus answered,”what’s it to you if he’s still alive when I come back”. This caused some of the disciples to reach the conclusion that John would not die before Jesus came back.

And John early in this letter to the seven churches says, or hears someone say, “look up to the skies. He’s coming back!”

And everybody is going to see him. He’s not going to slip in the back door like a thief. This is going to be a huge public event, for everyone to see – not just the people of faith. International news. BBC ITN SKY News CNN and Al Jazeera.

Even his enemies. The ones who nailed him. The ones who killed him. Who wanted rid of him. And got rid of him. Oh sure there were some rumours that he was alive again but these were quite short lived. But now he’s gone. Good riddance.

But then oh oh there he is again. Larger than life.

And for them and many others it is not good news. It is a time of mourning. They had got it wrong. So Jesus’ appearance would not be a time of rejoicing. It will. It be a time of rejoicing for everyone. Just as many will be proved right by his appearance, many too will be proved wrong.

This is going to happen says a voice. AMEN!

A voice speaks. Maybe the same voice. “I am the alpha and omega. The A and Z. The beginning and the end. The everlasting one. The one who always was and always will be. I AM almighty God!”

John writes. God speaks. In case you didn’t get it this is going to be big.

That return has not happened yet, but the promise remains. Look up!


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