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Revelation blog post 2: Grace & Peace

May 22, 2014

“Stand in the gap
Coming boldly to His throne of grace
Stand in the gap
He will hear you when you seek His face” – Petra – Stand in the gap (from the album ‘On Fire!’)

Revelation 1:4-6

The first thing to get hold of is that this is a letter. We don’t tend to list Revelation along with the other New Testament ‘epistles’.

Whereas Paul’s letters for example are addressed to an individual or church, John addresses his letter to seven churches in the ‘province of Asia’.

John introduces himself – something he refused to do in his earlier biography of Jesus.

His greeting is of ‘grace and peace’.

The source of that grace and peace is God. The only source of true peace. The only one who gives us more than we could rightly ask.

We are presented with three personalities (or is it 9?).

The one who always has been and always will be.

The seven spirits before the throne.

And Jesus Christ.

The everlasting one is the representation of God the Father. He cannot be limited. He has no beginning and no end. And he’s here now.

The 7 spirits. This blog is not designed to be a Bible Commentary, but a brief research tells me that there are different views. The most popular view, which I have to say works for me, is that the 7 spirits are for some reason John’s representation of the Holy Spirit. Unusually described as 7. Maybe to show in some way that the Holy Spirit was at God’s throne representing all 7 of the churches to whom John was writing.

Jesus Christ. The subject of John’s gospel. Still very much alive and well. And the citation given to Jesus is fulsome. “He’s the faithful witness. The firstborn from the dead. And ruler of the kings of the earth”.

Jesus lived a life that witnessed to the God who could be known. He spoke the Father’s words. He did the Father’s works. He showed his disciples the Father. “If you have seen me you have seen the Father”.

John plainly told the readers of his Jesus biography from early on that this Jesus would die but on the 3rd day rise again. And he witnessed to the fulfilment of those words. The book closes with a living Jesus, bearing the marks of crucifixion, but victorious over death.

And king of kings. Kings, presidents, prime ministers, councillors. The righteous and God fearing. The tyrannical dictator. He is Lord of them all. He is the superior of them all. And ultimately they will answer to him. Like it or not.

As John thinks of Jesus, he is led to praise, the one who bled and died to save us from our sins.

And Jesus has given us a job. We are a kingdom of priests. Serving God the Father. We no longer need someone else to be a mediator between us and God. We now have direct access to his presence and are called to serve him. Called to be mediators between God and man and man and God.

That’s your role and mine. As followers of Jesus we are called to represent humankind to God and God to humanity. Standing in the gap. Bringing the grace and peace of God to those around us. Bringing the needs of people to God. Daunting task.

But ultimately the glory must go to Jesus. For all the reasons John has stated and more!



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