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Revelation blog post 1: Ears & hearts

May 19, 2014

Revelation 1:1-3

So. Have you got it all worked out? Do you know what is going to happen? Can you tell the end from the beginning? Do you have the future mapped out on a chart? Do you understand the mysteries of the beast? Have you calculated all the mathematical formulae?

Are you pre-millennial, post-millennial? Or a-millennial?

Do you have it all worked out?

I don’t.

People worked it out in the past. And people still do. It’s a mystery.

Is it literal? Is it picture language? The questions continue on.

A long time ago as a young man I preached in a particular church. I was not invited back as, apparently I had an inadequate understanding of Bible teaching on the end times. Can I be honest? I still have an inadequate understanding of Bible teaching on the end times!

Anyone who pretends that the Revelation of St John is not one of the most complicated pieces of Biblical literature…

I mean. Are they SERIOUS?

Many have been baffled down the centuries. Not just me.

Almost as many have been identified as the beast or the anti-Christ. Can they all be wrong? Can they all be right?

One of my readers at the end of my blog through John’s gospel, encouraged me (or tempted me!) to look at some of John’s other writings. I have already written in early blogs on some of John’s letters.

So that leaves one book. Revelation.

Not Revelations as it is often called. This is one revelation to one man.

John. The gospel writer. He previously brought us the good news of Jesus. Now he brings us doom and gloom. Lightning and earthquakes. But more than that he brings us more good news. If only we have ears that listen.

John sets the background. The revelation is from Jesus Christ. The same one he previously wrote of. The one who lived and died and rose again is still speaking. Is still revealing truth to those who will listen.

It’s the revelation from Jesus, but he in turn has received it from God. Jesus was at pains in the gospel of John wasn’t he to say that he did not speak on his own and that he only said and did the things that the Father showed him. It seems nothing has changed. Jesus has not become independent with time.

Father and son are very much together.

And the revelation has a purpose to show Jesus’ servants the things that are going to happen. We read now with our 21st century glasses, looking to the skies and to the future, but John spoke to the people of HIS day. The revelation of Jesus Christ.

So God tells Jesus. And he sends an angel to John. And John will be the one who spreads the message.

John was an eye witness to the life of Jesus. He could be relied upon. And now he reassures his readers “I’ve see these things. You can believe me”.

God has spoken. Jesus has spoken. And John will pass on what the angel has shared.

And the chain of communication continues on to you and me.

God is pleased with us if we read this revelation.

But more so those who hear it and take it to heart. To live by. For the time is coming.

Many have read it. Many have argued about it. Numbers have fallen out over their interpretation of it.

Can we though listen? And take it to heart? That will please God. That is always true with his word. It is to be heard. And acted upon.

That’s the challenge to us all.

Whether it turns out to be the first 4 or 5 chapters or the whole book remains to be seen. Let’s be those who hear and take to heart.


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