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May 11, 2014

  You know the scene well.

It is a dark grim place. The stone walls and floor are cold and bare. Everything is grey. The boys are dressed in grey. Their hands and faces grey with dirt. Their food is colourless and bland. It is a cheerless place. On a wall hangs a sign, incongruously “GOD IS LOVE”.

A young boy stands, egged on by the others. Slowly, fearfully he leaves the table and moves towards the large table at the front of the room. Bowl in hand. To be confronted by a man with puffed red cheeks, and colourful garb, standing out against the drabness, brushing the crumbs of a luxurious feast from his face.

Hundreds of eyes look on.

Our young hero is watched all the way and finally he stands before the man who eyes him quizzically.

“Please sir. I want some more…”

“Pardon boy?!”

His voice rises and cracks.

“Please sir. I want some more…”

“MORE??!! MORE??!!”

The place is electric and pandaemonium ensues.

Oliver. The boy who dared to ask for more. How dare he?

Today you sit and you feel the greyness. You feel the emptiness. You see the words “GOD IS LOVE” but you can’t help looking at your experience and thinking there must be more than this.

And so you approach God and you dare to ask for more. For you have read “if you know how to give good things to your children, how much more will God give the Holy Spirit to those who ask?”

So you ask and wait for God to say “MORE??!! MORE??!!”

But does he?

Some may protest that we have everything in Christ (which I firmly believe) so cannot ask for more. Martyn Lloyd-Jones asked “Got it all? I simply ask in the name of God, why then are you as you are? If you have got it all, why are you so unlike the New Testament Christians? Got it all? Got it all at your conversion? Well where is it I ask?”

Tough questions but very real. I have just finished Simon Ponsonby’s book ‘More’ and it has left me feeling hungry.

A song to finish. I will be exploring this further and you may care to join me


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