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John’s gospel blog 88: Afterword

April 25, 2014

So there it is.

John’s biography of Jesus.

Quite apart from how long it’s taken me to go through it’s been surprising stuff.

How long did it take me to get through chapter 1, but John goes to such great lengths to set the scene and let us know who Jesus is.

John selects a quite modest number of Jesus’ miracles.

He focuses so much on what Jesus and others had to say.

Jesus had his followers but he made real enemies. People were offended by his teaching. Some turned away. Others were so upset they determined to kill him.

Jesus made huge claims about himself.

The disciples who were never all named as a whole body seemed to be a people who rarely understood Jesus. They all made big statements about him at one time or another but rarely understood his ministry.

And John doesn’t muck about. He lets us know from early on that not only is Jesus going to die, but that is the whole reason why he came.

John wrote these things so we would believe. It would be wonderful to think that someone could believe through going through this book. Enough to think that maybe some who have stuck with it, or dipped in and out have found life again in John’s words.

Jesus transformed the lives of those who were open to receive him. He still does.


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  1. Well said.

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