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April 19, 2014


No man’s land.

Between Friday and Sunday (a statement of the obvious).

The neglected day of Easter.

Stuck between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Between death and resurrection.

Saturday was the sabbath. There had been a rush to take Jesus’ body down from the cross and nothing more could be done until that day was over.

Jesus was dead.

Of that there was no doubt.

The Jewish leaders and roman soldiers had made sure of it.

The disciples knew it.

His mother Mary felt a sword piercing her soul.

It was the end of hope.

Those first followers of Jesus were in despair. So much hope. Snuffed out. So much light. Now utter darkness.

The disciples of Jesus lived Easter Saturday without the benefit of hindsight.

Confusion, pain, desolation.

Hope? None that you’d notice. Had Jesus said something about the third day?

But as Christians we know that the next day will change everything.

2000 years gone by and Jesus no longer walks this world. But didn’t he say something about coming back again one day? That he would take his followers to a place prepared for them? It’s been a long time.

So for all of us, we live in the in between. A state of Easter Saturday. In the light of hope.

But in the in between we struggle, we doubt, we experience pain, failure and confusion. This world is a mess. Our lives are a mess. Did he really say?

And for those around us who do not have the benefit of faith. Or for whom faith is a distant memory. For some the pain and confusion is all there is.

As Christians we need to shine the light of hope into our world. We have been given the benefit of hindsight. Jesus will win.

How do we share that? Make that a reality? Meet with people in their brokenness and hurt and offer hope and healing?

Jesus once talked about this time. This 2000+ years of Easter Saturday. He said something odd. It would be good for his followers that he was not with them! Good!

For he would send his Spirit. To live in his followers. To empower them. The power that would raise Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday is the same power available to us to live out the life of Jesus.


As we may struggle as to how to mark this day, remember for many every day is a day like this. With unanswered questions. Hopelessness.

Let us pray that God’s Spirit will take hold of our hands and feet and lips to bring the reality of hope.



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