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John’s gospel post 82: finished!

April 18, 2014

John 19: 28 – 42

Jesus knows none of this is accidental. He is still on mission.

God’ s word is being fulfilled. It’s his plan.

He is thirsty and is presented with bitter wine.


A cry that pierces the air. It is a cry. Not a mumble. It is not defeat. Even in death there is total and utter conviction.


Work completed.

Mission accomplished.

Triumph not disaster.

Victory not defeat.

But to the onlookers?



To the Jewish leaders. Success. Good riddance.

They have killed the innocent Son of God. But don’t forget these leaders were still very religious! The Sabbath is coming and they want things tidied up so they can get back to their rituals. There worship of God.

Jesus’ father!

Breaking legs speeds up the process. Jesus is already dead. A spear in the side for good measure proves this.

Scriptural predictions are still being fulfilled. No broken bones.

John records the detail.

There were Jesus’ disciples. But there were also his secret disciples. They now step forward. Those who had their feet in both camps. Believing in him but fearing the Jewish leaders. Joseph and Nicodemus. Nicodemus. Evidently that night time meeting with Jesus changed Nicodemus. Had he discovered what it meant to be born again?

They are given permission to take Jesus’ body and place it in a tomb.

They left him there. It was the Sabbath. They would be back to sort things out properly.

But that victory cry?


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