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John’s gospel post 81: crucifixion

April 18, 2014

John 19: 17 – 27

Things gather pace.

Jesus is to be crucified. And part 1 of that is to carry his cross to the place of execution.

Skull hill.

There they crucified him. It sounds very clinical doesn’t it?

But it was a painful lingering death.

Feet and hands nailed brutally to a wooden cross. Dropped into the ground. Hung naked in the heat. Struggling to breathe.


A couple of other executions too. One on each side.

There was of course no charge for Pilate to put above the head of a man he thought innocent of any crime.

“King of the Jews”.

The Jews wanted Pilate to amend the words but he was having none of it. He was in change here. Wasn’t he?

The soldiers divide up the spoils, Jesus’ clothes. The robe is nice though. They’ll play dice for it.

All a bit random, except that 1000 years previously, King David prophesied those random events. Anyone with eyes wide open would have spotted that God was at work. Probably nobody in other words.

We’ve not heard much about Jesus’ mother Mary, but here she is. Near the cross. Such pain for a mother. But she was there. Other women were there to the ‘end’.

Jesus notices his mother. He notices the disciple who is too humble to name himself, and in his own suffering he cares for her. He gives her a new son. Somehow the disciple is more qualified to care for her than her surviving children.

What an extraordinary quality of love. To think of Mary in the midst of his own pain and torment.

And to think of you and me.


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